Crochet Football Beanie

Crochet Football Beanie

Gear up for the season with this wonderful Crochet Football Beanie. What a delight for that little one to show his spirit for the game in their new Crochet Football Beanie.  What a hoot for that teenager to wear!  Dress it up with a school emblem or mascot.

Crochet Football Beanie

Crochet Football Beanie

I found this great poem on football by I believe “Phenomenal TJ”. Sure hope they don’t mind me sharing it. I take no credit for it, just really enjoyed reading it.

Football Poem (Untitled)
by:Phenomenal TJ


Tie up those cleats,
Pull on those gloves,
Strap up your helmet,
And play the game for love.

Feel the rush,
Hear the crowd,
Chant your name,
Stand up,
Be proud.

Make the tackle,
Get the sack,
Put some fear,
In the Quarterback.

Do your job,
Do what you do,
And never forget,
Your brothers are behind you.

Win with class,
Lose with more,
Bust your ass,
Forget the score.

Let a tear roll down,
A chest held out,
Don’t you dare frown,
Or start to pout.

Play them hard,
Play them fast,
And pray to God,
It’s not your last.

Fight them hard,
Tooth and nail,
Be the star,
Refuse to fail.

I just think this poem sums up a lot of feelings that are going to begin to emerge in the next few months:)

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